Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Positive and Real Experiences from Our Students.

Hear What People Say.

Amazing experience. Our son started here when he was 3 and he is going strong! Thanks to the wonderful and truly amazing teachers!
Rochini K.

West Wind is really great. The instructors are all really dedicated to helping their students. This place is truly the best martial arts school you could learn from.
Mrs. Morrison

West Wind is one of the best schools in the nation. The teachers are really energetic and supportive. They have helped me become more energetic and confident. Mentally and physically I have learned to defend my self on the way to my black belt.
Mathew V.

West Wind is awesome! Mr.Shah has a magical gift of combining firmness with humor to get the best possible work out of both of my kids. His energy is amazing and he imparts that energy to all the other teachers.
Christian C.

West Wind has been an integral part of my life since the age of 5. It has taught me self-discipline and a great deal of athleticism. Without West Wind I would not be who I am today.
Jared F.

As a corporate professional, my West Wind training not only offers me a balance to the business lifestyle-with its exercise regimen and concentration, but it has also given me more confidence and poise in my professional interaction. This coupled with the real life skill to better protect myself and my family makes West Wind an indispensable part of my life.
Mr. Cruz

West Wind Schools is more than just learning Karate. The attitude of the instructors and the challenging spirit of the school has helped me strengthen physically and mentally and overall become a better me.
Vince V.

West Wind Schools has been such a great place for our son to learn Kung Fu. The positive, upbeat, knowledgeable teachers are awesome. We are lucky to have found this great community and school.
Mrs. Lazarus

Learning martial arts at West Wind Schools is an ideal way to develop yourself in a variety of important ways, including self-defense capabilities, physical fitness, and mental discipline. West Wind martial arts school also offers a great community and support for growth, for all ages and walks of life.
Mrs. Forrest

West Wind has been incredible to my daughter and myself. I’m in the best physical and mental condition I’ve ever been in and my daughter has become a confident incredible young lady. Thank you West Wind.
Ty C.

My son has been with the Berkeley West Wind Karate School for almost a year and he loves it. West Wind Karate School has taught my child a lot, he’s now more disciplined and focused than ever!
Ms. Armstrong

This is the greatest place ever I love coming here everyday I love learning new things always everyone is family to me and every since I have joined west wind I am more outgoing I’m not shy no more and I feel way more stronger and confident always. It feels PERFECT coming here I love doing what I do here and I will continue to always.
Saida M.