West Wind Schools has been the leader in Bay Area martial arts for over 48 years. We teach martial arts, fitness, self discipline, self defense, whole health, boxing, weight loss, karate, balance for all ages.


We specialize in teaching self-defense to people of all ages.


We have a unique style of teaching using positive reinforcement allowing very fast results.


In addition to teaching both Karate and Kung-Fu style martial arts, we also specialize in American Boxing.



West Wind Schools was founded in 1969 by Master Ron Lee, making us the oldest Karate School in the East Bay. We are passionate about our art, and are committed to helping each student succeed beyond their expectations.

This is not a hobby for us; it is our live’s calling. Most of us started teaching at West Wind as teenagers, and this is the only career we’ve had for decades. We believe you will not find a better learning environment to achieve fitness, self-discipline, confidence and mastery of the martial arts than what we have upheld for 45 years at West Wind Schools.

We want you to become a part of our long and cherished legacy!



We teach all types of students ages four to seventy-four, men and women. Our motto is 'The Family That Kicks Together - Sticks Together'.


Our goal is to develop a positive, healthy and disciplined individual who can handle any of life's challenges.


We have a unique style of teaching using positive reinforcement allowing very fast results.


We also specialize in American Boxing which includes a full fitness training -- you will get in shape fast in our private and group sessions.


We also offer a fun summer camp for children ages 6-16. You can sign up for a week or two, or come all summer if you want to immerse your child in martial arts culture and training.


Our top tier teachers have been teaching at West Wind for 20-30 years, grew up in the system, and chose it as a lifestyle.
















Mr. Flint

Senior Chief Instructor

Mr. Flint is a tenth degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, a seventh generation Kung-Fu Master registered with the World Kung-Fu Headquarters and a second degree black belt in Iaido. His daughter Katrina and son Jared are both black belts. Mr. Flint started at West Wind in 1977, and has been teaching with us for over thirty-five years. He was our founder Master Lee’s top personal and student, and Chief Instructor Mr. Thompson’s personal teacher.

Mr. Thompson

Senior Chief Instructor

Mr. Thompson is a tenth degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, a third degree black belt in Iaido and a sixth generation Kung-Fu Master, the highest rank awarded by The World Kung Fu Headquarters to any living martial artist outside of China. His wife is a Black Belt and their triplet children are Green Belts. Mr. Thompson earned his White Belt in 1986 and has spent the last three decades training and teaching at West Wind Schools.

Mr. Kohgadai

Chief Instructor

Mr. Kohgadai is a ninth degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. He started at West Wind in 1993, and has been teaching for over two decades. He tested for Bok-Fu Black Belt in 1999 and broke all speed records, completing the three-hour long exam in only one hour and thirty-four minutes.

Mrs. Thompson

Executive Instructor

Mrs. Thompson broke the mold as West Wind’s first female Head Instructor in 1995. She started at West-Wind in 1994, earned her Black Belt in under 5 years and has been teaching for over twenty years. She has been married to Mr. Thompson for over fifteen years, and their children the Thompson triplets are green belts.

Ms. Delossantos

Assistant Chief Instructor

Ms. Delossantos is an eighth degree Kenpo Karate Black Belt. She started at West Wind in 1994, and has been teaching for over fifteen years. She broke Mr. Kohgadai’s speed record for Bok-Fu Black Belt by one minute, finishing the demanding three-hour format in only one hour thirty-three minutes, making her the current female speed record holder.

Mr. Shah

Head Instructor

Mr. Shah is an eighth degree Kenpo Karate Black Belt. He started at West Wind in 1990 at six years old, and has been teaching for over fifteen years. He brought our West Wind families closer together when he wed Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Kohgadai’s sister Wana in 2013.

Mr. Baker

Head Instructor

Mr. Baker is a seventh degree Kenpo Karate Black Belt and The World Kung-Fu Headquarters Model of the Martial Arts. He started at West Wind in 2003 and has been teaching for over ten years. He tested for his Bok-Fu Black Belt in 2011, breaking all speed records by finishing the three-hour long test in one hour 30 minutes.

Mr. Leon

Assistant Head Instructor

Mr. Leon began training at West Wind Schools in 2011, and shot through the system to earn his red belt two years later. He is working hard to capture his First Degree Black Belt in 2016.

Mr. Sheppard

Senior West Wind Instructor

Mr. Sheppard started training at West Wind in 1992. After retiring as Asst. Chief Instructor to pursue a career in law enforcement, Mr. Sheppard can still be seen teaching during off-duty hours at the Berkeley Dojo. In over two decades of teaching he has developed over 30 personal Bok-Fu Black Belt students (including Mrs. Thompson!), far more than any other teacher in West Wind history.

Mr. Dahal

Senior West Wind Instructor

Mr. Dahal started at West Wind in 2009, and raced to full-fledged instructor status in record time, earning his promotion to West Wind Instructor after just six months of teaching. Mr. Dahal is racing to capture the Bok-Fu Black belt in 2016, and has been teaching since 2014.

Mr. Michel

Senior West Wind Instructor

Mr. Michel started at West Wind in 2011. He is working hard on capturing his Bok-Fu Black Belt in 2016, and has been teaching with us since 2012.

Mr. Monroe

Senior West Wind Instructor

Mr. Monroe started at West Wind Schools in 2003 at 8 years old. He is a third degree black belt who has been teaching with us since 2011.

Mr. Carter

Senior West Wind Instructor

Mr. Carter started at West Wind in 2005. Despite setbacks from injury, he is pushing for his Bok-Fu Black Belt exam in 2016. Mr. Carter’s daughter is also training for her Black Belt. Mr. Carter has been teaching at the Alameda Dojo since 2008.

Ms. Rachal

West Wind Instructor

Ms. Rachal is a third degree black belt who started her training with us in 2001. She tested with her daughter for Black Belt in 2011, our first ever mother/daughter black belt team. Ms. Rachal has been teaching with us since 2011.

Mr. Cano

West Wind Instructor

Mr. Cano began training at West Wind Schools in 2009. In 2015 he and his son were the first ever father-son team to test for Black Belt together. Mr. Cano earned his red belt in 2009, and is a USA Boxing certified coach.

Mr. Wong

West Wind Instructor

Mr. Wong started at West Wind in 2012. He is working though his brown belt degrees, and has been teaching at the Berkeley dojo since 2014.

Ms. Pham

Assistant Instructor

Ms. Pham is West Wind Schools’ youngest ever Black Belt. She began her training in 2005 at the age of 4, tested for her 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 12, and is currently working toward her 6th Degree Black Belt. She most recently performed as the starring role in The Moth Star.

Mr. Kohgadai

Assistant Instructor

Omar Kohgadai started martial arts in the West Wind Academy in 2008. He is the second member of the Kohgadai family to earn the Bok-Fu Black Belt, and is proud to represent as Mr. Baker’s first-ever Black Belt student. His younger siblings are also students at West Wind.

Mr. Carriere

Assistant Instructor

Mr. Carriere started at West Wind all the way back in 1993, was a Red Belt in the late 90’s but had to leave because of family obligations, but always was attached to the West Wind family and always wanted to come back to complete his training. After a 13 year hiatus, a daughter that’s now in the system working on her brown belt and a career of teaching at college level for almost 20 years, he came back and earned his Black Belt! This is a great example of finish what you started!

Mr. Aadel

Assistant Instructor

Mr. Aadel started his journey to the Black Belt on July 27, 2007 through his cousin, Chief Instructor, Mr. Kohgadai. When he reached the 4th grade, Mr. Aadel was enrolled into West Wind Academy, a private home school comprised of many young family members of the instructors. He gained a lot of focus and confidence from schooling with West Wind, and is one of the most outgoing and dynamic new instructors because of it. Mr. Aadel is currently working on earning his Black Belt with Alameda’s Head Instructor, Mr. Baker.

Mr. Rodriguez

Assistant Instructor

I became a student of West Wind Schools on July 17, 2015. I joined because I was very inspired by Bruce Lee. When I joined my, my teacher, Mr. Michel, surprised me by inviting me to join the Instructors Training program. On September 15, 2016, after watching one of the best 8th Degree Black Belt tests, I was presented my Red Belt. This was one of the best days of my life. On my free time I love spending it with my wife and 2 wonderful children (who are currently orange belts). I love inventing things. I try to create things to make life easier for me and my family.

Mr. Dalli

Assistant Instructor

My name is Mr. Dalli and I have been training with West Wind since 2012. I first started my training at Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind in Napa, where Mr. Thompson volunteers every summer. I became the first West Wind student to ever earn the orange belt after only 4 weeks of training. I earned my Red Belt in December after 5 months of training and I hope to create some of the most confident students, despite their abilities. I hope to continue working hard to earn my Bok-Fu Black Belt. Outside of the dojo, I go to school at Cal State East Bay to earn my B.A. in Liberal Studies. My hobbies include hanging out with friends and seeing new places.


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